Cassidy Bond is searching for her talent – her thing – something that makes her stand out in her chaotic muddled family. Her brother is a wannabe ROCK STAR, her dad is an ELVIS impersonator (don’t…just don’t) and her mum is the most PREGNANT woman in the world. So when she takes a test at schools that says she’s a GENIUS, she doesn’t argue. Maybe being super-smart is her thing, right? I mean, it’s not like the school could make a mistake about something like that, is it..?

A hilarious cringe-along book about fitting in and standing out.

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Illustrated by Antonia Miller




‘This is Cassidy Bond, reporting LIVE from St Jude’s…’

When Cassie starts an online petition to let girls wear trousers at her school, she has no idea where it will lead. But before she knows it, she’s been recruited to the school magazine as their Year Seven correspondent and she’s sniffing out the biggest scoops. So when she discovers a gossip blog all about St Jude’s pupils, she’s determined to find out who is behind it. But she soon learns that the truth is a slippery snake. And if you’re not careful, it might twist around and bite you…

Cassidy’s second adventure will make you snort and sigh and die a bit inside all at the same time.

Read the first chapter for FREE here! Buy it here!

Illustrated by Antonia Miller


 Fiction - CompletelyCassidy 3 Front Cover


Cassidy Bond is acting up! It’s the summer holidays and she’s all set to unleash her inner superstar at a local drama academy. But Cassidy soon discovers acting is harder than it looks, especially when her BFFs set their hearts on the same role. Can their friendship survive the big end of course production or will stage right turn out to be totally stage WRONG

The third giggle-licious Completely Cassidy book is all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.Buy it here!

Illustrated by Antonia Miller